5 Tips for saving money while attending a Star Trek convention

Traveling to a Star Trek convention can be very expensive especially if you are on a tight budget. But if you are a real fan this shouldn’t stop you because this might be an opportunity of a life time to see the movie stars and to hang out with other fans just like you.

We have collected for you 5 tips for saving money while attending a Star Trek convention that will inspire you to go and have a time of your life.

1. Book Hotel Rooms with a Discount Code

Do hotels have coupons? They sure do! You almost always book hotels online these days, and the checkout page will almost always have a little section to enter a coupon code. Expedia definitely does, you can check out some of their current promotions here: 50 off 200 hotel room booking. You will find a great selection of excellent accommodations in the Vegas area to suit any budget. If you’re from the U.S., then you might want to try here.

A lot of people try to save money and don’t want to stay in Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino where the convention takes place. This is a big mistake! The amount of money you will spend on taxis to go to and from Rio Hotel will be enormous! Instead book your hotel room with the discount code from Creation Entertainment – the organizers of STLV. Usually you can get reduces rates for a hotel room at the end of the preceding year. Book early so you won’t miss this opportunity.

2. Save Money Getting to the Hotel from the Airport

expedia promo code - vegas hotel travelIf you plan your trip beforehand you can really save on transportation. Instead of paying quite a sum for a taxi from the airport arrange a hotel shuttle, which will cost twice less than the taxi. In fact, if you are not lazy and find out all the information beforehand you can save considerably.

Alternatively, if you didn’t arrange the shuttle you can share a cab with some people who are also going to Star Trek convention. You will for sure meet some at the airport or even on your plane.

3. Follow Social Media Pages for Deals

You can find reduced tickets for the convention on Star Trek Facebook pages such as Trek News, Subspace and Star Trek. Of course, you can always buy your ticket straight at the door but why overpay! We also recommend following Groupon and Goldstar sites that offer Star Trek convention tickets at a discount as big as 50%. By buying a ticket beforehand you will also save time on standing in line at the door at the day of the convention.

4. Meet Star Trek Celebrities for Free

You can meet a lot of celebrities around the Rio Convention Center when they are relaxed and not at the official conferences. The best would be the morning hours so don’t sleep for too long and you’ve got a great chance to meet some stars at the gym. A lot of the celebrities are coffee lovers so you might also want to hang out in the Starbucks. It is better to choose afternoons and early evening for that because late in the evening they prefer to hang out with family and friends. And of course you will find a lot of celebrities at the restaurants around the convention center.

5. Attend Fan Shops on the Last Day

There will be a lot of vendors selling Star Trek merchandise and you will be tempted to get there on the first day and buy everything you possibly can. But don’t rush! You can really get a bargain on the closing day of the convention when all the vendors try to sell everything they have. We got a great pair of headphones by browsing on the final day: Bestgear.org. Vendor are quite happy to give a discount on many items especially on some that have dates on them.