star trek discovery cosplay

Don’t get too excited, unfortunately this is not the Shein x Star Trek official cosplay on a budget team-up we’d all love to see. We’re not getting screen-accurate uniforms, this is a little more subtle. I’m talking about TrekBounding. The upside? You could wear it to school or out to dinner and the only people who would look twice would be people who know. And if you make use of Sheinside discounts, it won’t even cost you much!

What is TrekBounding?

If you are sitting there thinking ‘what in the heck is TrekBounding???’ don’t worry, it’s still a pretty small community. A few years ago the hashtag ‘(franchise name)+bounding’ started trending on Tumblr, it was predominantly teen and young adult women taking part and it started with DisneyBounding. I think of ‘Bounding’ as cosplay lite. You take elements from a characters appearance, usually colours, style of dress, and accessories and using everyday clothes make a very casual sort of cosplay. For an example of TrekBounding you could pair a red top with black bottoms and then have a Starfleet logo on you somewhere. Could be a pin, a pair of earrings, a patch, or any number of other accessories. If you have a group of friends you could do your TrekBounding on a theme, maybe bridge crew or villains.

What I like about TrekBounding versus standard cosplay is the opportunity to be creative. Accuracy is not the goal in Bounding, ingenuity & style is. Some people who are …

BryanFuller new showrunner of star trek

Exciting News For Fans of Good Storytelling

We are pretty excited about this news. More excited than a Movavi coupon (click here to view them) and coinciding with a Star Trek bundle. According to, Bryan Fuller has been named the showrunner for the new Star Trek series. This has us excited for a number of reasons. For one, he’s a great TV writer, and he understands genre fiction very well. Secondly: he has written for Star Trek before.

The Great Writing of Bryan Fuller:

You may not know it, but your television viewing habits have been influenced by Fuller’s great writing over the past ten years. Remember in season 1 of Heroes when everyone thought it was one of the greatest shows of all time? Fuller was a part of that. He personally wrote “Company Man”, a heartbreaking tale where the Horn-Rimmed Glasses man has his memory erased of his daughter to protect her from his bosses. The episode was named by TVguide as one of the 100 greatest episodes of all time.

Different writers on tv shows will usually be the ‘voice’ of a particular character. In Fuller’s situation he was the voice of “Claire”, the invincible cheerleader. Many fans and critics felt that her character (one of the most popular on the show) failed to grow after season 1.

Fuller left after season 1 to launch “Pushing Daisies“. If you haven’t seen Pushing Daisies, you likely know someone who has and glares at you …

simon pegg star trek

Star Trek Fandom is Going Through What No Fandom Has Gone Through Before:

In this world where geek culture has grown so fast that people are actually pretending to be geeks and nerds to ‘fit in’, it’s difficult to even conceive of a time when being a fan of a geek-culture phenomenon like Star Trek was likely to get you stuffed into lockers in school. Star Trek was way ahead of the curve: fan conventions, letter-writing campaigns and all the facets of a large following all seemed to happen to Star Trek first.

But now that geek culture is so popular, it seems like the franchise of Star Trek is heading into uncharted territory: their own fandom seems to be choking the franchise right out of profitability.

Last year I went to the big Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. It was awesome. I got to meet almost the whole cast of Next Generation (Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes sadly weren’t there). The whole trip was quite pricey, but I found a quick sale on convention tickets, and then I researched and found some coupon codes for travelocity that saved me something like $50 off the flight, so it wasn’t too bad (I used the savings to buy some Star Trek whiskey glasses). Renting a car to go to conventions rather than flying is also getting quite popular as you can form a convoy with other fans and stop at fun activities and restaurants along the way.

Anyway, at this …


Fans of may have noticed that we were down for a while. The reasons for it were numerous, but for the most part we didn’t want to work with our existing web host anymore and they shut us down.
We lost a fair amount of content, but it was worth it to get the fresh start. When we decided to look for a new web host, we went looking for a sign: something that said this web host and “Trekkersonline” were meant for each other.

Then we found them: Lunarpages. The name evokes the hey days of the NASA Lunar missions of the 60’s and 70’s, where a trip to the Moon was a yearly occurrence. That fit the mode of our website perfectly. They fit into our budget as well: $4.95/month (we used a Lunarpage coupon).

So far we’ve been more than happy: setting up the website has been a breeze, and website seems to be faster than it used to be. …