Making-Do Until Star Trek Returns to TV

Remember how agonizing it was for us Star Trek: TNG fans to wait from May until September for new episodes to appear? Sure, you could watch Tasha Yar die in reruns forever and ever, but seeing brand new stories was something to get excited about.

Well, it’s been 10 years since Star Trek went off the air. I managed to stick with Enterprise more out of habit than anything else. I was actually one of the people that was glad when it was put down: it felt like an old dog that you loved, but it was getting sick and it was for the best of everyone if we just put it down for a while.

Now that time has passed, my appetite for a new Star Trek series is growing. And really, it’s a little insane that Star Trek isn’t on the air right now: special effects are a lot better and cheaper than they were twenty years ago. Television is much more open to serialized television and character arcs, something that Star Trek struggled with as it built a universe while telling standalone stories. And the general public is much more accepting of strange science-fictional ideas than it ever has been. One look at our smartphone/google glass culture and you realize that Star Trek fans aren’t the ostracized nerds they once were.

There are bigger questions that need to be answered before this Star Trek thing happens. That’s for a later post. For now I wanted to talk about what kind of TV series that are on right now that can keep us Star Trek fans going.

1. Arrow

star trek tv series inspirations
Arrow is more comic book than science-fiction, but it is a great show at combining the standalone stories versus serialized world building that Star Trek used to do. I imagine that if Star Trek were to return, it won’t be a full one serialized story like ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Mad Men’. It’ll try to strike a balance, like Arrow does, where you want to tell a really good, standalone story that moves the overall arc forward and yet you won’t lose your audience if they miss an episode.

It’s a really good series if you’re interested in picking up a fun series. It’s not on Netflix, but you can watch it on Amazon Instant Video, VUdu, and iTunes. Just pull up an Arrow episode guide on your tablet (the tablet is of course, a Star Trek-inspired creation) and enjoy yourself!

2. Agents of Shield

Now hold on. We all hard about how AoS wasn’t very good. And the first few episodes were clunky and melodramatic (remember the whole 1st season of TNG?). The high budget series plays around with some very cool technology that is just futuristic enough to be cool, but not so far-fetched to be unbelievable. If you plan on writing for the new Star Trek series then you may want to take some notes.

Oh, and about 12 episodes in the series takes a dark, twisted turn and doesn’t let up until the finale. Definitely worth a viewing marathon.

Any others? Let me know in the contact form.