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Star Trek Fandom is Going Through What No Fandom Has Gone Through Before:

In this world where geek culture has grown so fast that people are actually pretending to be geeks and nerds to ‘fit in’, it’s difficult to even conceive of a time when being a fan of a geek-culture phenomenon like Star Trek was likely to get you stuffed into lockers in school. Star Trek was way ahead of the curve: fan conventions, letter-writing campaigns and all the facets of a large following all seemed to happen to Star Trek first.

But now that geek culture is so popular, it seems like the franchise of Star Trek is heading into uncharted territory: their own fandom seems to be choking the franchise right out of profitability.

Last year I went to the big Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. It was awesome. I got to meet almost the whole cast of Next Generation (Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes sadly weren’t there). The whole trip was quite pricey, but I found a quick sale on convention tickets, and then I researched and found some coupon codes for travelocity that saved me something like $50 off the flight, so it wasn’t too bad (I used the savings to buy some Star Trek whiskey glasses). Renting a car to go to conventions rather than flying is also getting quite popular as you can form a convoy with other fans and stop at fun activities and restaurants along the way.

Anyway, at this …