Use Sheinside Discounts to Save on Your Star Trek Discovery Cosplay

Don’t get too excited, unfortunately this is not the Shein x Star Trek official cosplay on a budget team-up we’d all love to see. We’re not getting screen-accurate uniforms, this is a little more subtle. I’m talking about TrekBounding. The upside? You could wear it to school or out to dinner and the only people who would look twice would be people who know. And if you make use of Sheinside discounts, it won’t even cost you much!

What is TrekBounding?

If you are sitting there thinking ‘what in the heck is TrekBounding???’ don’t worry, it’s still a pretty small community. A few years ago the hashtag ‘(franchise name)+bounding’ started trending on Tumblr, it was predominantly teen and young adult women taking part and it started with DisneyBounding. I think of ‘Bounding’ as cosplay lite. You take elements from a characters appearance, usually colours, style of dress, and accessories and using everyday clothes make a very casual sort of cosplay. For an example of TrekBounding you could pair a red top with black bottoms and then have a Starfleet logo on you somewhere. Could be a pin, a pair of earrings, a patch, or any number of other accessories. If you have a group of friends you could do your TrekBounding on a theme, maybe bridge crew or villains.

What I like about TrekBounding versus standard cosplay is the opportunity to be creative. Accuracy is not the goal in Bounding, ingenuity & style is. Some people who are fans of retro fashion combine that with Bounding to come up with some truly unique fandom fashion. Take a look through the hashtag on Instagram or Tumblr, you’ll see some really cool outfits and can get some inspiration for your own TrekBounding.

Keep your cosplay budget down with Sheinside discounts

This brings me to another thing I love about TrekBounding vs. traditional cosplay: it’s way less expensive. We all know how much screen accurate costumes can run you, especially if they are officially licensed or custom tailored for you specifically. Because your goal with TrekBounding is to put together something that could be considered an everyday outfit rather than a costume, you’re working with regular clothing pieces. I like to use Shein for my TrekBounding wardrobe because their prices are so good. Not only is the clothing beyond reasonably priced, they also have sales and coupon codes all the time so you can really stretch your cosplay budget. Their catalogue is also massive, I would be surprised if you couldn’t find at least a few pieces that will work for various characters.

Star Trek Discovery Cosplay Ideas

Here are just a couple of ideas for you, the opportunities are really endless to do some TrekBounding in your day to day life.

Emperor Philippa Georgiou

If you ask me, the style icon of Star Trek Discovery is the Terran Emperor Philippa Georgiou. The Terran uniforms in the mirror universe last season were really cool, but she keeps up the badass chic in the prime universe as well. Her all black ensembles really appeal to my inner teenage-goth, and she definitely likes leather. For an Emperor Georgiou TrekBound you will definitely want all black pieces with some metal accents. I found all of these pieces at SHEIN, they are a moto jacket, knee high boots, black honeycomb leggings, a basic black top, and an ear cuff.

Commander Saru

Saru is one of my favourite characters on the show, Doug Jones is so good at playing non-human creatures with a lot of humanity. One drawback to the uniforms on Star Trek Discovery is that they all look pretty much the same. We don’t have the distinct colours for command, operations, and science divisions that we did in previous iterations of Star Trek. However, I think there are a few ways to indicate that it’s a Saru TrekBound as opposed to one of the other members of the crew. While you can’t get his hoof-like boots without ordering custom (kudos to Doug for learning to walk in those, it’s not easy!), I feel that the chunky 90’s style wedges boots mimic the look without the price tag or the ankle injuries. We’ve then got a blue top and skirt, as well as a gold accent brooch to signify his command status.

Cleveland Booker

Book might be the easiest character to TrekBound because he’s not a Starfleet officer or an escaped Empress from another dimension, his style of dress could best be described as ‘future casual’. Basic neutral colours for the top and bottom, a trench coat, a pair of fingerless gloves, and a cat pin because #GrudgeForStarfleetCommand.